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What Makes Eggs Organic?

What makes eggs organic? This is a regular question we are asked; here is a little more about the difference between organic and free-range eggs...

Under Soil Association standards, organically reared hens offer the highest standards of animal welfare. Organic eggs must be laid by completely free-range hens, which must be able to behave naturally and roam freely. Organically grown hens also cannot be given growth hormones or routine antibiotics, which is common in other forms of hen farming.

This means they live in smaller flocks, enjoy better access to the outdoors and more space in their shelters. The hens on the farm have access to hundreds of acres of space and they do not have their beaks trimmed. All organic birds are fed on non-genetically modified feed whereas with eggs laid by ‘free-range’ hens there are no requirements regarding the GM status of feed.

The farm even runs a rehoming program for hens once they've finished laying, which means they go on to become pets in other homes!

In other words, organic farms offer quite simply the highest standard of welfare for the hens, and the eggs taste all the better for it. You can enjoy every Eggspress egg knowing it came from a cheerful chicken or a happy hen!

Animal welfare is our top priority, and we are always happy to answer any questions about the farming methods of any of the produce we sell.